Bob Harris, the voice of Duke University Football: We'd like to send our condolences to the Bumgarner family of High Point, North Carolina. Marty Bumgarner . . . died on August 28 at Duke Hospital at the age of 42 after a brave battle with lung cancer. . . .  (Listen)

Woody Durham, the voice of UNC Football: We want to tell you that all of us . . . want to extend condolences to the Bumgarner family of High Point. Marty Bumgarner was a graduate of the UNC School of Nursing. . . . (Listen)

Bob Burchette, staff writer, News & Record: Marty Bumgarner would have done nursing for free, I think she loved it that much. . . . (Read More)

Howard Coble, Congressman, North Carolina 6th District: Please join me in supporting the Martha Bumgarner fund. . . . (Listen)

John Swofford, Commissioner, Atlantic Coast Conference: I support the Martha Bumgarner Fund established for nursing scholarships, and I hope that you will too. . . .  (Listen)

Ethan Horton, All-Pro Tight End, Oakland Raiders: Marty was a classmate of mine in college. She was a great person to all that knew her. . . . (Listen)

Jimmy Tomlin, staff writer, High Point Enterprise: Two months ago today, Marty Bumgarner gave her husband Bill a birthday memory he'll never forget. . . (Read More)

Becky Smothers, Mayor, High Point, North Carolina: (Listen)

Strib Boynton, City Manager, High Point, North Carolina: (Listen)

Bob Timberlake, artist/designer: (Listen)

Nido Qubein, President, High Point University: (Listen)

Kyle and Patti Petty (Listen)


Clips from the Morning Get Together with Max Meeks, 28 October 2004